Project Charge: Aeta Household Solar-Powered Lighting

The EEEI CWTS 2 (Application of Basic Electrical and Electronics Technologies in Remote and Out-of-Grid Communities) sections SCDE and SIJK from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute donated a total of 26 sets of lighting 12VDC LED T5 type lamp, cellphone charger using IC regulators, 30W solar panel and 20A capacity battery charge, and discharge controller, and additional 14 solar-powered lights to 26 Aeta households in Brgy. East Villar, Botolan, Zambales, 6-7 May 2016. [Short video of the field deployment here]

The deployment was supported by the Municipality of Botolan,Zambales and Lakas Alyansa ng mga Katutubong Aeta sa Zambales (LAKAS), with special thanks to Mrs. Violeta Dagan.

NOTICE: These photographs cannot be modified for commercial or advertising use, nor can it be copied or reproduced in any form without the photographer’s permission.


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