Filipino Pride: The Search Continues

“Intention alone is never enough unless you figure out everything necessary to execute [such intention.]”

Coming from Colonel Carlyzar Divinagracia, it is really not enough to settle for less. “Execution over intention” is the main theme highlighted in this year’s Kilatisin Si Juan (KSJ) IV: The Search for a Filipino Pride, held yesterday, Novemeber 26, in the University of the Philippines Los Baños, D.L. Umali Auditorium, organized by the socio-civic organization, Sigma Theta Delta (STD).  Each speaker encouraged everyone to have a say in everything that we do. In that sense, even without the fame and the fortune, we could be this country’s pride.

Harkey Keh, pioneer of KayaNatin! Movement, talked about good governance. He gave facts about education, poverty, employment, and other issues in the society that served as an eye opener to everyone.  He concluded his presentation with the challenge to “demand accountability to leaders.” If we are after good governance, we must be active enough to say what we have to say, and to become watchdogs of today’s society.

Colonel Carlyzar Divinagracia tackled the formula to success. As mentioned earlier, execution is much important than intention. He also discussed the matter of empowerment. This word seemed to be a cliché in almost every reports, write-ups, presentations, articles, everything. Empowerment is the name of the game. Everyone desires to be empowered. But then, he stressed that to be empowered, we must be able to aim for the “championship,” aim higher, and have high level of ethical behaviors. I was also impressed on how he pointed out that there is no such thing as “default mode.” It is because everything is subject to change, and it is just up to us if we would fully embrace or resist.

“Do what you’re best at, and learn from what you do.” In addition to the formula of success, one of the best videographers of today, Jason Magbanua, said that we must be proud of what we do. He emphasized that we must exert our best efforts in every field that we are in. He also said that in this millennium, excuses are a no-no. It is because all the tools in learning, execution, and production come in handy nowadays.

Filipino identity and the comparison of the 90’s and today’s idea of pride was the talk of a writer/blogger, Ms. Katrina Stewart-Santiago. She said that “pride is a matter of taste, and taste is a matter of choice.” Back in the 90’s, that was, according to her, the hype of the Filipino pride—where everyone has their choice. This is also the time where there is no sense of “baduy.” But then, today’s Pinoy pride is viewed in association with global premise. Filipinos must be recognized abroad before being considered as pride. In the end, Ms. Santiago said that  the key in today’s pride is to take notice of other sources of pride.

It’s quite disappointing that Maria Ressa, Rappler CEO, and broadcaster/journalist Arlyn Dela Cruzedid not make it to attend KSJ because of their tight schedules. But then, in general, I was really inspired after KSJ IV. KSJ is really one worthy seminar that continually triggers the ignition of nationalism in everyone’s hearts.

Candidates for the Filipino pride are still open. Everyone has their own chance of being a contribution to his/her homeland. Remember, there are a lot of things that we must be proud of. We must not be tangled with the pride imposed to us by influential sectors, like the mass media, for that matter. As what Mr.Magbanua said, “The power is in your hands.” To be empowered is to have a say. To be a pride of this nation is to give your best in everything that you do. To be successful is to choose to be successful. That is, all in all, a matter of choice.


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