ERDB Workshop Focuses on Foreshore Management (DEVC 122 Paper No.3)


Dr. Virgilio Ramilo tackles about the foreshore situations of Region 9.

College, Laguna – Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) conducted a two-day “Review and Consultation Workshop on Policy Issues on Foreshore Area Management Use and Disposition, vis a- vis Regional Situations,” in ERDB Auditorium, June 27 to 28.

ERDB staffs and study leaders from Regions 1, 2, 4A, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and NCR were the attendees. The workshop was comprised of lectures about foreshore management. Study leaders per region presented their case studies and outputs. They also tackle the regional situations and noted some existing policies.


Study leaders from Regions 1, 2, 4A, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and NCR are present in the said workshop. Each of them presented case studies of the regions assigned to them.

This project of ERDB, the Policy Options for Foreshore Area Management, aims to “assess the effectivity of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) land distribution program based on its socio-economic implications.” And also, it targets to “determine policy options for foreshore area management; determine appropriate standards and methodologies for land valuation; and enhance participation and capacity building among major stakeholders.” That is why in the workshop, there were case studies and some presentations of the regional situations, to have a thorough review of the areas and the policies.

In the workshop, study leaders identified some problems per region, like the violation of people to some existing laws, like the Public Land Act, and the Solid Waste Management Program. Others were the use of sand and gravel from foreshore areas for construction materials, existence of conflicting policies, traditional stilt houses built in foreshore areas, rebellion, and poor policy implementation.

Study leader of Region 9 Dr. Virgilio Ramilo said that to avoid the problems, the authority should also “give emphasis on being layman-friendly…” in implementing foreshore management related- policies.

Outputs of the said workshop would be given to DENR.

“The outputs [of the meeting] ay ida-dagdag sa DAO (DENR Administrative Order). Malapit na s’ya i-implement… Kaya ihahabol nalang namin ito…” said by Ms. Florita E. Sicipno of ERDB

ERDB is a principal research agency of DENR that is focused on providing relevant technology and information through research towards an improved environment and natural resources. This project of ERDB started last January 2011, and targets to end by December 2012.

Foreshore areas are defined as “a part of a shore between the water and occupied or cultivated land.”

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2 thoughts on “ERDB Workshop Focuses on Foreshore Management (DEVC 122 Paper No.3)

  1. This can already be refined to be a science news article. Input important details na lang and more interviews. 🙂

  2. It’s a two-day seminar po kasi kaya medyo kulang ng ibang input. 🙂 If by any chance I decided to pursue this topic in my science news, I’ll just look for more details about this. Thank you Ma’am. 🙂

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