Development is breaking the culture of silence (DEVC120)


“… physical poverty is really not serious as greater poverty afflicts us and this is the poverty of the spirit.” (Jose 2008)

It has been chaotic of what or who is to be blamed of the poverty situation we are into nowadays. The blame game was actually prolonging and making the situation worse. We usually curse the government from its discrepancies and inabilities to solve societal problems as how we expect them to do it. We are unaware that ranting would not make the situation better. The better road is when we suggest solution, initiate it, be part of instead of trash talking pure criticisms and blame games. Development does not happen overnight. We can do it little by little, one by one, one step at a time.

F. Sionil Jose in his essay Why Filipino are poor?  pointed out that we are poor because of our poor spirit. We…

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